Bible Studies For Life – Kids Family App

Have you tried the Bible Studies For Life: Kids Family App? It’s a great way to start meaningful conversations with kids. The App is packed with activities that kids will enjoy playing and have conversation starter ideas for every lesson.

Kids today love media and this App isn’t short on anything media related. It has music, videos, and interactive activity pages. It’s a great tool to help strengthen families in your church. Parents today (and their kids) are never far from their electronic devices and this app provides a great way for families to connect with each other over a medium they love.

Each week the One Conversation page will tell parents exactly what session to look at on the app. The app is available in the Apple Store and in the Google Play store. It seems like I’m forgetting to tell you something, now, what was it?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the app and contents is completely FREE!

Bible Studies for Life – Jeff Land

Six Reasons Comparisons Hurt Churches

Reason #4

4. When we compare, we become consumer members instead of serving members.The role of church members and leaders is to serve. We are to serve God first, and our fellow members next. When we compare churches, we are putting our self-interests and perceived needs ahead of others. We engage in “church shopping,” a phrase you will find nowhere in the Bible.

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